I am the best

with every coming day, the way events are turning i am realizing we are living in a tough world, where you always are in need of proving yourself as “I am the best”.

This game starts when we are kids, first comes who was best when they were a baby, then comes who is best one in studeis, best student, best athlete and list goes on. The most pathetic thing is that we also need to prove ourselves as best friend.

Once we are out in professional life, dont ask me what happens, Employers are looking for best employees and employees are looking for best employers. This hunt sometimes ends successfully but majorly it turns out to be disaster. To cover this gap we hire headhunter, and we want best headhunters out there to find the best resources out there.

Most importantly we want the BEST as our life partners. I wonder if we wont settle for less than bests, what will the mediocre people like me will do in there lives? Are we unwanted? Or we were born just to fill in the gaps?

Why are not we tired of “I am the best” game? Who created this game in the very first place? I am sick and tired of proving myself best. EIther its job, home or any case. Why i am not being accepted the way i am,┬áthe level i am at. why i am supposed to be improving myself with time? why cant i just stay where and how i am?