About Aroog

I am open yet close
I am organized  yet messed up
I am an optimist yet a pessimist
I am full of energy yet dull
I am happy yet sad
I smile yet cry
I live yet die
I share yet hide
I love yethate
I am good yet bad
I am straight yet entwined
I am romantic yet practical
I am sane yet insane
I am white yet black

These are my colors and this is who i am.

“A self proclaimed philosopher” 


10 thoughts on “About Aroog

  1. nice to see you here, get contact from Linkedin, same things i did since 12years back when practiced mostly in watercolor, sketches i had many time with the tech of ballpoint, would share u some work i done,
    Now ! i thinking to get restart coz i need to get some relax ……!

    Artists are my favorite all the time.
    Wish u good work.

  2. Nice to see your stuff, great work.
    i’ll show you mine in water color as well as some sketch work.
    Wish you all the best even always success.

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